Flygt SmartRun Control

Product description

We would like to introduce SmartRun, a control system for pumping stations that have up to three pumps running alternately. An integral part of the Experior product range, this pump control unit allows your pump to remove debris and clear clogs when necessary, set the optimum speed to save energy and reduce costs, and communicate with external monitoring equipment. SmartRun intelligent control combines advanced VFD functionality with a simple and intuitive control system. A number of key functions for wastewater pumping come pre-programmed and preset. In fact, some functions, such as the energy minimizer and cleaning functions, are adaptive, ensuring that the pumping station maintains optimal performance even with possible future changes. SmartRun cleans pumps, piping, receiving tanks, reduces hydrostatic shock through intelligent soft start and stop, taking you to a new level of reliability and efficiency. With built-in intelligent control and variable speed control, it is ideal for Flygt N-pumps, with which it potentially provides 50% energy savings. It already does what others are only trying to do. SmartRun-an optimization tool for Type N pumps.