Flygt Temperature Sensor

Product characteristics

Thermal protection of engines as a standard product feature. Thermal relays in stator windings are standard, thermistors or Pt100 sensors are available to order. Analog measurements with the Pt100 are available for trending, analysis and fault tracing. Temperature monitoring of the main bearing is standard, for the support bearing is available as an option. Up to five Pt100 sensors can be connected to the Flygt MAS 711 control unit.

Product description

All Flygt pump and agitator motors have temperature protection built into the stator winding to protect against overheating. Thermal relays are a standard feature of Flygt products and PTC thermistors are available as an option for many models when temperature protection is required. For advanced monitoring we offer Pt100 sensors which provide analog measurements. Using the MAS 711 gives you temperature monitoring not only in the stator winding, but also on the main and auxiliary bearings. This enables the following:Logging, trend graphs and overview. Two configurable triggering levels: Warning and stop. Logging of max. and min. values. Effective fault tracing. Small pumps, large pumps and agitators:As a standard product option, we offer thermal relays to wind each stator. If you prefer PTC thermistors, we can offer them as an option. Large pumps, optional for medium sized pumps:Analog measurement of Pt100 in stator winding and main bearing. Optional Pt100 in support bearing. Optional Pt100 sensors in each of the three stator windings.