Flygt Vortex impeller D 3085

Product characteristics

The Flygt D 3085 is a highly robust and reliable submersible sludge pump. It offers excellent flow - through passage capabilities with little to no wear of the components, making it a great choicefor high wear applications. This pump requires minimal maintenance and can handle sludge concentrations up to 4 % of dry solids with ease. For industries requiring regular pumping of large quantities of slurry, the Flygt D 3085 is an outstanding choice. Its engineered design and construction make it an ideal candidatefor any environment with its low noise output yet impressive performance capabilities. The Flygt D 3085 stands out from other pumps in its class by providing exceptional longevity, minimal disruption, and economical operation compared to traditional models. With its extremely low ownership costs and versatile performance, the Flygt D 3085 will prove to be an invaluable toolfor those seeking security and valuefor many years to come.

Product description

The Flygt vortex pump D 3085 is characterized by high reliability. The impeller does not need to be adjusted and runs freely in the volute casing ensuring unobstructed passage of solids and liquids. The risk of clogging and low capacity is completely eliminated. Flygt D 3085 is designedfor demanding media and easily transports domestic and industrial wastewater as well as other media. The vortex design reduces radial stress on the impeller and shaft, allowing the pump to operatefor long periods at low capacities as well as at head levels at zero flow without damage and with no maintenance required. All components are designed and manufactured to optimize operation and extend pump life.