Godwin FP150

Product characteristics

The Dri-Prime® automatic self-priming system provides FM certified flood protection without the need for intense, laborious maintenance. Its liquid bath mechanical seals guarantee consistent performance while its abrasion resistant silicon carbide seal faces ensure maximum dependability and durability in any environment. Plus with emissions compliant engines available your business is sure to stay ahead of regulations

Product description

The reliable and capable Godwin FP150 Dri-Prime® pump is the perfect choice for dewatering and flood protection of commercial and industrial properties. Delivering flow rates up to 2,290 US GPM (520 m³/hr) with 28ft (8.5m) automatic suction lift capacity, it also offers extended dry running capabilities thanks to its exclusive liquid bath mechanical seal design. The accessibility of manual or remote operation as well as telemetry further enhances convenience while FM certification ensures that each unit has passed rigorous full-scale simulation testing combined with individual component tests conducted by Xylems quality control team – securely delivering on performance guarantees every time