Godwin FP300

Product characteristics

Get an automatic self-priming system with FM certified flood protection, so you can rest easy knowing your site is secure. Plus, when it comes to maintenance all you need to do is check fluid levels and filters -- thats it. Our liquid bath mechanical seal ensures dry-running as well as reduced costs for upkeep down the line. And dont forget about our abrasion resistant silicon carbide seals which guarantees trouble free performance every time

Product description

The Godwin Dri-Prime® FP300 pump is a powerful and reliable addition to Xylems quality portfolio, providing unparalleled coverage for dewatering applications with flow rates up to 5081 USGPM (1,154 m³/hr), an impressive 28 ft. of suction lift that can be triggered automatically or manually by mounted control panel or remote operation systems , as well as its patented liquid bath mechanical seal design which enables extended dry running operations; all these features make the FP300 ideal choice when facing heavy tasks like flood mitigation. To guarantee optimal performance at any given time frame FM has certified our product line upon full simulation testing along individual components scrutiny while every bareshaft pump-end produced goes through extensive Quality Control procedures before leaving our facilities driven by diesel engines.