Godwin GRL150

Product characteristics

  • Higher flow with less horsepower for lower fuel consumption and overall operating costs
  • Removable front cover provides linear access for maintenance without disturbing pipe connections
  • Reduced vibration from rotational speed to increase operating speed and reduce vibration wear on downstream equipment
  • Molded steel pump body for increased wear resistance
  • Emission compliant motors available

Product description

The Godwin direct displacement pump performs a variety of field dewatering applications, including needle filtration and suction dewatering. The Godwin GRL150 series direct-displacement rotary cam pump is available in 6" (150mm) sizes and provides long life and performance for minimally abrasive pumped media.
  • Diesel motor or electric motor
  • Mounted on a trunk trailer or rack with built-in fuel tanks for nighttime operation
  • Sound absorbing enclosure