Godwin GSP05

Product characteristics

Our dry-running capability is second to none, so theres no need to worry about damage. Weighing less than a bag of sugar but as tough as nails - this motor features non-wicking cables with strain relief for long lasting use. The high torque and capacitor start technology also bring efficiency into the equation, while thermal protection saves you from any nasty surprises. There is even an outer jacket that guarantees continuous cooling – all sealed together by our trusty Silicon Carbide upper and lower mechanical seals.

Product description

The GSP05 comes in at 0.5 hp (0.4 kW) and is capable of flow rates up to 70 amer gallons per minute (4.4 l/s) at a maximum head of 39 feet (12 m). With a compact top outlet of only 7.2 inches (183 mm) in diameter, this pump is great for pumping unwanted water out of utility drawers, manholes and other hard-to-reach areas where pumps typically do not fit. One additional float switch is provided as an economical option for those areas where automation is required. Optional float switches are available for remote activated Sub-Prime automatic pumps. Includes 30 ft/50 ft (9 m/15 m) power cord with optional power plug, adjustable length float rope and float.The Godwin GSP Sub-Prime line is a series of portable, electric, submersible dewatering pumps for a wide range of applications in construction, industrial, mining, domestic systems and municipal job sites. ​