Godwin GSP10

Product description

The GSP10 comes in at 1 hp (0.75 kW) and is capable of flow rates up to 90 gpm (5.7 l/s) with a maximum head of 60 feet (18 m). With a compact top outlet of only 7.2 inches (183 mm) in diameter, this pump is excellent for pumping unwanted water out of utility drawers, manholes and other hard-to-reach areas where pumps would normally not fit.As a cost-effective option for those areas where automation is required, one optional float switch is available. Additional float switches are available for Sub-Prime remote activated automatic pumps. Includes a 30 ft/50 ft (9 m/15 m) power cord with optional power plug, adjustable length float rope and sealed float.The Godwin GSP Sub-Prime line is a series of portable, electric, submersible dewatering pumps for a wide range of applications in construction, industrial, mining, residential systems and municipal job sites.