Godwin GST05

Product characteristics

Boasting a powerful, high-torque capacitor start motor paired with solid handling of up to one inch in diameter and dry running capability without damage, this portable powerhouse is capable of achieving the most demanding tasks. The side discharge design features non-wicking cables complete with strain reliefs while triple sealing including two internal mechanical seals as well as an external lip seal provides maximum protection. A semi vortex cast iron impeller combined with a fully removable - making cleaning easy - volute crafted from durable cast iron rounds off this versatile tools impressive offerings

Product description

The standard side outlet and semi-vortexing cast iron impeller allow the GST05 to handle solids up to 1" (25 mm) in diameter. The fully removable spiral housing makes cleaning the product easy and fast. The GST05 comes with 0.5 hp (0.37 kW) and is capable of flow rates up to 90 amer gallons per minute (5.7 l/s) with a maximum head of 32 feet (9.8 m). The combination of high capacity and availability makes the GST05 Sub-Prime pump an ideal choice for standard dewatering applications. Optional float switches are available for remote activated automatic Sub-Prime pumps. Includes 30 ft/50 ft (9 m/15 m) power cord with optional power plug, adjustable length float rope and sealed float. Godwin GST Sub-Prime pumps are a line of portable, electronic, submersible pumps designed to handle water containing debris.