Godwin Heidra 100TD

Product description

The Godwin Heidra 100TD hydraulic submersible pump is a powerful yet compact solution for difficult drainage and sewage applications. With flow capabilities up to 317 US GPM (176 m³/hr​) at discharge heads of 72 ft (22 m), it has the power you need - even when suction lifts exceed 28ft(8.5m). This tough little machine can handle solids as large as 1.8 in (45 mm) diameter, plus its liquid bath mechanical seal allows dry running operations which makes use on remote sites possible with either diesel or electric motor Power Packs that meet all emissions regulations. Need an ecofriendly solution for your project? Electric Power Packs are the answer - no refueling required, with reduced servicing needs compared to traditional motors. Plus, enjoy soft starts and VFDs (Variable Frequency Drive) as well as customizable enclosures that keep sound levels low. Choose from skid mount or highway trailer designs whether you select diesel-powered or electric drive systems.