Godwin Heidra 103

Product characteristics

Prevent electric shock or explosions with our advanced liquid bath double mechanical seal. This powerful system is designed for indefinite dry running, and features gear motor connections complete with standard SAE flange & shaft. Additionally, open solids handling impellers are made to last further enhanced by replaceable wear plates. Safeguard your operation today

Product description

When suction heights exceed 28 ft (8.5 m), Heidra® pumps step in where Dri-Prime® pumps cannot be used.The Godwin Heidra® 103 Hydraulic Submersible Pump is a very powerful yet compact product, capable of handling flow rates up to 850 amps. gallons per minute (193 m³/h m³/h) and heads up to 115 ft (35 m).This model is capable of handling solids up to 3 inches (75 mm) in diameter. The pump, equipped with a mechanical seal for the liquid insert, is capable of dry running, making it an ideal choice for hard drainage, sewage and solids handling.Godwin Heidras offer unparalleled versatility for any worksite. Choose from diesel engine or electric motor Power Packs to provide reliable, emissions-compliant performance - no matter how remote the location. For added convenience and control, opt for soft starts and VFDs that allow variable speed regulation on your pump. And if you want a quieter setup? Our skid mounts with enclosed housings will give you just that. ​​