Godwin Heidra 150MR

Product description

When suction heights exceed 28 feet (8.5 m), Heidra® pumps step in where Dri-Prime® pumps cannot be used.The Godwin Heidra 150MR Hydraulic Submersible Pump is a very powerful yet compact product that can handle flow rates up to 1,325 amer gallons per minute (301 m³/h m³/h) and discharge heads up to 115 feet (35 m). This model is capable of handling solids up to 3 inches (75 mm) in diameter.The pump, equipped with a mechanical seal for liquid insertion, is capable of dry running, making it an ideal choice for tough dewatering applications where solids are to be handled. It is a hydraulic submersible pump that is suitable for any application. Pump up your project with Heidra Pumps – providing site-specific solutions no matter how remote. Our pumps come in diesel and electric Powered Packs, skid mount or highway trailer versions... plus whisper-quiet enclosures for reduced noise impact. With both emission regulations met and soft starts/VFDs for speed control, you will be able to pump efficiently without a hitch.