Godwin Heidra 300

Product characteristics

Crafted with industry-leading safety standards, this liquid bath double mechanical seal provides secure power transmission while ensuring indefinite dry running. The motor connections are equipped with superior SAE flange and shaft technology as well as open solids handling impellers that come complete with replaceable wear plates - all designed to protect you from electric shock or explosive risks.

Product description

When suction heights exceed 28 ft (8.5 m), Heidra® pumps come into play where Dri-Prime® pumps cannot.The Godwin Heidra 300 Hydraulic Submersible Pump is a very powerful, yet compact product that can handle flow rates up to 5,622 amps. gallons per minute (1,277 m³/hm³/h) and a discharge head of up to 164 ft (50 m).With a liquid bath mechanical seal, the pump has dry running capabilities making it ideal for rugged dewatering/solids handling. Its a hydraulic submersible pump thats ready to go anywhere.The Godwin Heidra pumps, equipped with a diesel engine for stand-alone operation, will work at any site, no matter how remote it is. Plus, all diesel engines meet the latest emissions regulations. Our Heidra pumps can also be used with electric motors. Electric engines require no refueling and require less maintenance. They also reduce emissions. They can be equipped with an alloy starter and a frequency converter.