Solar Sister

Solar Sister eradicates energy poverty by empowering women with economic opportunity. Combining the breakthrough potential of solar technology with an Avon-style direct sales network, Solar Sister brings light, hope, and opportunity to even the most remote communities of rural Africa.

Value Proposition

  • Solar Sister distributes solar lamps and other clean energy products using an Avon- style direct-sale distribution network of women entrepreneurs.
  • Solar Sister brings affordable, clean energy technology right to the doorstep of the women who are the primary users and consumers of household energy.
  • Solar Sister creates value by providing economic opportunity to women and access to affordable renewable energy to their communities.
  • Unlike product manufacturers who are focused on product technology and manufacturing, Solar Sister is focused on the challenge of the ‘last mile’ distribution and customer service.


  • Solar Sister distributes its products through 177 entrepreneurs, primarily in Uganda.
  • Solar Sister works with local women’s groups in communities.
  • Solar Sister focuses on women entrepreneurs because women are the primary managers of household energy use and purchase.
  • Solar Sister offers potential entrepreneurs a low-risk trial period to determine if they want to join the Solar Sister network.
  • When entrepreneurs become full members of the network, Solar Sister provides them with a business in a bag, a startup kit of sales and marketing training, technical education, inventory access and ongoing support.
  • Solar Sister sees itself as pioneering distribution R+D, which it sees as a crucial and underinvested element of the BOP energy product supply chain.