Efficient use of grid and fossil fuels

Several of the enterprises on the map are not focused on implementing renewable technologies, but on improving customers’ capacity to use grid and fossil fuel sources.

  • VidaGas is a supplier of liquefied petroleum gas to household and business users, as well as the Ministry of Health, in rural northern Mozambique. While LPG is a non-renewable fossil fuel, it is still cheaper and cleaner for users than the charcoal it is replacing.
  • IDEAAS founder Fabio Rosa started his work in energy by reducing the cost of grid connections for households in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil from $7,000 to $400 (by switching from a three-phase system to a less-powerful single phase system), which inspired the Brazilian government to fund grid connections to bring power to 80% of Brazilians.
  • Eastwind Laboratories sells battery backup systems in Nigeria.
  • Lumeter Networks has created a series of low-cost pre-paid electricity meters and a cloud based accounting platform that is sold to renewable energy providers to help them manage energy usage and reduce electricity theft.