Zolair is a micro-electric utility providing clean, affordable energy solutions for the developing world.


Zolair provides wireless energy activation for basic energy 24/7, from anywhere, anytime, for anyone, and high ROI for investors. Zolair Energy purchased a shareholding in Zolair and the use of the know how and technology developed by AEDC in South Africa. Zolair developed a new business model in order to reach a wide target market with global potential by selling energy in kilowatt-hours through the use of zinc-air fuel cells.

Energy Products/Services

  • Customers purchase energy vouchers and then use them to activate the fuel cell via SMS at any time or location.
  • Once activated, the fuel cell can provide up to 4 kWh or 320 amp hours of electricity for lighting, cell phone charging, appliances like color TV, fridge/freezer, electric sewing machines, haircutters, computers, printers, copiers , or other uses.
  • The PILA 1 unit is equipped with an inverter to create AC, 12 volt DC, and USB outlets, allowing for the powering of different types of devices and electrical appliances.
  • Energy payments can also be crowd funded, sponsored by friends, family, and people in industrialized nations.
  • Zolair will establish a network of service shops that take care of installations and accessory sales while also serving as education and community centers with Internet access. Each service shop is modular, portable, and can serve up to 500 households per month.

Target market

  • Zolair targets people at the base of the pyramid in Namibia and Southern Africa who do not have access to a reliable source of electricity. A later roll out into Asia and South America is envisaged.
  • Zolair’s product is ideal for rural markets due to the fact that it is portable and can be activated anytime, anywhere.
  • It is ideal for disaster management, recreation, outdoor use and UPS systems.


  • The product is delivered to customers through service stations.
  • The fuel cell itself is leased to customers, they only pay for on-demand energy usage.


  • Crowdfunding can be used to pay for electricity; either by family, friends, or charitable individuals who live in industrialized nations. That way, communities and individuals can be empowered to receive basic energy to use it for home industry to create disposable income.
  • Zolair is safer, more environmental friendly and more cost effective than using small generators for electricity generation.


  • Zolair will implement 80,000 units in the next 5 years in Namibia and Southern Africa, and then scale to other countries in Africa.
  • Eventually, Zolair hopes to reach global scale, with the entire base of the pyramid as their target market.